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The problem most personal injury victims face — especially if they were involved in an auto accident — is the catch-22 logic of the insurance adjustors:

  • If you don’t get treatment, or don’t get treated right away, then you’re not injured (according to them), and if you do get treatment, you’re over-medicating.
  • If your car isn’t badly damaged, then (from their point of view) you must not be not be hurt too badly either
  • If a doctor can’t point to it on an x-ray, or MRI, (they think) it probably doesn’t exist, or they shouldn’t have to pay for it.
  • [Want to know some other insider secrets the insurance companies don’t want you to know? It would be my privilege to provide you with a free, downloadable booklet that explains their most common tricks]

You probably won’t get this initially, when the adjustor is trying to come across as reasonable and helpful while trying his very best to undermine and damage your case against his company by unfairly manipulating you.

But when it comes time to actually paying your mounting medical expenses, missed-work claims, and daily bills, that’s when they’ll hit you with these things — at the same they propose an insultingly low settlement offer.

What you need in this situation — and believe me, you need one as soon as you can get one — is an advocate who will:

  • Go toe-to-toe with the insurance company
  • Help preserve and strengthen your case
  • Find insurance coverage & benefits you may not know you have
  • Negotiate your medical treatment to be paid AFTER your case settles.
  • Make it a personal commitment to hear every nuance of your case first hand, rather than settline for notes jotted down in a case file.
  • [This last point is much more important than most people think. Click the link to find out why]

The insurance company is betting they can outsmart and outlast you

And if you choose to take-on the insurance companies by yourself, they will likely win that bet — because fair has nothing to do with how they operate.

And oftentimes, it’s not just their insurance company you have to watch out for! It can be your own insurance company along with health insurance claimants. Just because they can’t legally bill you, or should reimburse you doesn’t mean they will — unless you have an advocate willing to make them do the right thing.

And that’s where I come in. After 40 years in this business, I know that the truth can win out in the end — IF it’s represented by someone who knows how to fight for it.

Make sure you get all the benefits and compensation you deserve

The first step is picking up the phone and calling me at 643-4343 if you’re in the Richmond area – or toll-free at 1-800-372-4099 if the call is long distance.

I usually answer the phone personally, but even if I can’t take your call right then and there, I promise to return your call within an hour or two.  There is no fee for the call, or your first meeting with me.  And there are no up-front fees period.

We’ll discuss what happened to you or your family member. I’ll answer your questions and likely ask you questions as well. And if I can help….I will.

Call 1-800-372-4099 or 804-643-4343 and let’s talk about your case on the phone. You can make a free appointment or free copy of my book. There is no obligation.

Is this your story?


  • My car was rear ended on Broad Street.
  • My SUV rolled over on Route 360 near Longwood Acres.
  • My motorcycle was sideswiped and run off of Route 60 in Henrico County.
  • My husband died when a car crashed into his work truck on I-85 near Petersburg, VA.
  • A tractor-trailer caused a multi-car pile-up on I-95 , and the pickup truck I drove was totaled.
  • My child was attacked by a neighborhood dog in Richmond, and the bite sent her to the hospital.

Attorney D. Wayne O’Bryan hears a lot of stories, because he is always ready to listen to someone who needs his help. That’s why Wayne established O’Bryan Law Firm, a practice that allows him to continue his dedication to service.

Do These Issues Sound Familiar

My own insurance company treated me like the accident was my fault, even though I was the victim. Why am I being treated like this when I have done nothing wrong?
It’s not my fault, but I’m out of work.
The dog’s owner won’t pay the medical bills. He still won’t admit that dog is dangerous!
The other guy caused the accident, but I’m the one who has to deal with all the hassle. It’s just not right.

Wayne O’Bryan is a Richmond-based lawyer who specializes in injury and liability cases including auto accidents, large truck and tractor-trailer wrecks, wrongful death and dog bite injuries.

He understands your story.

You are a good person dealing with a complicated system. Insurance adjusters insult you with doubts about your story and low settlement offers. You deserve an attorney who listens to you and lets you know what’s happening with your case. Wayne O’Bryan works to get the results you want—and need—quickly.

Why do some people hurt in accidents get larger settlements while others struggle to get the insurance company to pay them anything? “It’s simple,” says Richmond personal injury lawyer Wayne O’Bryan. “The ones who get the big money know the secrets of the game.”

O’Bryan, has written a book which reveals the information, secrets and strategies needed to avoid being blown off by the adjuster.

If you’ve been injured, get your FREE copy of this book by calling 1-800-372-4099 for more information. Or click on the yellow book cover to your right.

Legally we can’t say that we are the best personal injury and car accident law firm in Richmond, Virginia, but before you talk to any adjuster, sign any papers, or hire any lawyer for your Virginia injury case, take a few moments to get some FREE information on our website. Order our books or give us a call at 1-800-372-4099

There’s a new way to get valuable information in a Free Consumer Guide about your accident or injury claim before you talk to an insurance adjuster, hire a lawyer or sign any forms.

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In these tough economic times, Virginia accident injury and malpractice victims are starting to understand that it is ridiculous to think that insurance companies are going to treat you fairly. Insurance companies love to take advantage of people and pay them as little as possible for their claim. You should have good information about how handle your personal injury or malpractice claim.

This Free Consumer Guide will keep you from being taken advantage of by the insurance adjuster. What the adjuster is trying to do is to minimize the value of your case, regardless of your injury. They will try to blame the accident on you. They will try to keep you from gaining valuable information about your rights. They will string you along for as long as they can – so you will not do the things necessary to protect your legal rights.

The insurance company would love for you to give them a recorded statement and sign their forms so they can pay you less than you deserve before you even know what your rights are.

The adjuster will do anything to keep you under control – so that when the time comes for a settlement offer and they offer you pennies on the dollar for your injury, you will be powerless to fight them at that time because they have lulled you into a false sense that they would be fair with you. Fair is not a word that adjusters have in their vocabulary.

They will be nice to you – even joke with you – so as to keep you away from a lawyer, because adjusters know that an experienced lawyer will not put up with their games. Learn the adjusters’ tricks by getting your Free copy of the Free Consumer Guide.

My Virginia Accident Injury Book is the first step in your claim recovery process.

You are not alone.

  • In 2007 in Virginia, there were 2,907 injuries in crashes that involved large trucks, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Also in 2007, according to a report prepared by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles 1,026 people died and 68,822 people were injured in traffic crashes statewide.
  • 6,496 of those auto accidents occurred in the City of Richmond. 2,799 people were injured in those crashes and 29 people died.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that in 2001 over 360,000 people were treated in U.S. hospital E.R.s for dog bite injuries. Children between the ages of 5 and 9 years old were the most likely to be injured in a dog attack.

Wayne O’Bryan knows how your current situation keeps you from moving on with your life, and he knows you want answers.

That’s why he provides his clients with the valuable information in his book, Accident Injury Book: Hidden Inside Secrets Big Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know About Your Injury Claim.

Wayne’s mission as an attorney is to help his clients regain their lives and their happiness. This is your case, and Wayne understands how important it is for each of his clients to see their claims resolved quickly and correctly.

If you live in the Richmond, Virginia area…

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an injury involving negligence, a dog attack, a car accident, or a tractor-trailer or large truck wreckx

Please fill out the online contact form for a free book.

About Virginia Accident Injury Lawyer Wayne O’Bryan

Since 1970 Wayne O’Bryan has helped thousands of clients get a fair and just settlement for their personal injry and malpractice claims. He focuses only on helping injured people and brings much experience, resources and knowledge to his clients case.
We know that no personal injury or malpractice claim is easy so we offer a lot of information on our site to help guide you through the many steps in this difficult process.

Wayne O’Bryan personally conducts many initial interviews, and he is available to his clients by phone at any time, day or night. Far-away clients can rely on Wayne to keep in contact via mail and phone, so you don’t have to travel just to get an update from your lawyer.

For Wayne the greatest reward is making a difference in a client’s life, because his is a life dedicated to service.

Virginia Medical Malpractice Lawyer

FREE book for injured people in Richmond, Virginia. If you or a loved one has experienced medical malpractice in Virginia then do yourself a favor and read our FREE book available here. Call 1-800-372-4099.

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Lori never met me in person, and she lived a long ways from Richmond, but she was very happy with her results! Get the best FREE information here before you sign any papers.

Wrongful Death & Fatal Accidents

O’Bryan Law has experienced wrongful death and fatal accident attorneys serving Virginia for over 30 years. In Virginia, when a loved one dies because somebody was careless or made a horrible mistake, the surviving members of their family may be entitled to damages. These damages can include money for sorrow, anguish, solace, companionship, comfort, advice, kindness, loss of income, services, care, protection, assistance and also expenses for hospital bills and funeral costs.

Auto Accident Attorney

Serving the Richmond metropolitan area and Southside Virginia from his Richmond office, attorney D. Wayne O’Bryan specializes in car and large truck accidents and injuries involving negligence. Wayne prides himself on his years of conscientious service to his clients, and is always available to faraway clients via mail and telephone. D. Wayne O’Bryan is one lawyer who will always answer a client’s call.

Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney

The O’Bryan Law Firm quickly and successfully settles tractor-trailer collision injury and death claims. D. Wayne O’Bryan is a Richmond, VA attorney dedicated to helping victims and families of victims involved in collisions with heavy trucks to regain their strength and go on with their lives. Wayne O’Bryan serves Richmond metropolitan area and Southside Virginia clients with the dedication, respect, and personal attention they deserve in a lawyer. Wayne O’Bryan is always available to his clients by mail and telephone, day or night.

Virginia Personal Injury Attorney

If you have suffered personal injury, such as a car accident, truck wreck, or slip and fall, before you do anything else you need to read the Virginia “Accident Injury Book: Hidden Inside Secrets Big Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know About Your Injury Claim” for the best FREE information about your claim. Don’t talk to the insurance company until you read this FREE book.

Dog Bite Attorney

Dedicated to helping victims of dog bites resolve their cases quickly and successfully, attorney D. Wayne O’Bryan serves the Richmond metropolitan area and Southside Virginia from his Richmond office. The O’Bryan Law Firm is a small law firm designed for personalized and professional legal services for dog attack injury and negligence claims. Wayne O’Bryan is always available to his clients by mail and telephone, day or night.